"Many have said that we are lost in our apathy. We are oblivious to our vanity. We are prisoners of anxiety. We are suspected of chasing the unattainable, of daring to embrace individuality, of hoping beyond hope. We use this hope as a guide.  We unify with one goal in mind: to rise above the detractors noise. We are all Modern Suspects."


In seeking to define why they make music, Modern Suspects solidified this statement after many a motive questioning conversation. 'Demons in the Night' is a turning point for the band who originally formed in 2014. A lynchpin of the the band's live set, the song concept had rested in their ether for over a year. The chorus stands as a declaration of defiance in the face of adversity - "Demons in the night, you tempt me / With the white flag you gave me / I'll set your flag to flame / Make a torch and light my way." 

Following its release on July 10, 2017, "Demons in the Night" was represented in an adventurous music video released by SneakyBoy Studios. Filmed in various abandoned buildings, caves, mountains, and bridges around Colorado, the footage was collected despite a run in with a gun-wielding man at one shooting location. While the guys don't intend on making a habit of risking their lives for their art, they can nonetheless say they're willing to sacrifice.

A staple of the Colorado music scene, Modern Suspects has frequented venues such as The Gothic, The Bluebird, and The Black Sheep, as well as appearances at Broomfield's 1st Bank Center and Fort Collins' Moby Arena. Their songs have enjoyed airplay on 103.9 KRXP, 93.3 KTCL, and 94.3 KMAX.